ADA Update - Congratulation St. Anthony's Parishioners, we are SO CLOSE to reaching our SA ADA Goal, let's get it done! Thank you to those who have already made a pledge.  To date, we have approx. 400 parishioners/families who have responded to the ADA appeal, but we need more participation across our parish.  If you haven't pledged yet, please do and be a part of something great for our Church, School and Community. Everyone pitching in will make the task very simple. So, please consider your gift today if you have not yet pledged.  Every gift, no matter how large or small, is welcome. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!

SA ADA 2017 Goal:                                   $138,226
Pledges/Gifts Received by the Diocese:  
Remaining:                                               $  28,707

God Bless St. Anthony's,
Msgr. Chiodo
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ADA Mirror

2017 ADA Goal For St. Anthony Parish - $138,226

My Dear Family of St. Anthony Parish,
Driving along the hallowed roads of the “old” Southside, I cannot help but reflect upon the many parishioners who, now gone, used to inhabit those many aging homesteads. So many of them sacrificed so much for this parish they loved and to which they were devoted. A large number of them were Italian immigrants, who came to this beloved land to earn a living and raise a family—but they always put God and their parish first. This was the secret to their raising faith filled families with a future built on a “rock”.
We are inheritors of their great gift—a family—we call it St. Anthony Parish. They have placed in our hands—in trust—the parish they loved so dearly and it is our challenge to pass on the faith and our parish home to the future generations.
The weekend of March 4th and 5th, we launch our Annual Diocesan Appeal campaign. Our goal is $138,226, just slightly increased from last year’s appeal assessment from the diocese. For the past few years we have proudly been one of the first large parishes to reach its goal. The eyes of many diocesan parishes have looked upon us and have been inspired by our sense of family and fidelity to our church life.
I thank all of you who have donated to our ADA campaign and contributed to making us a success. We have responded to the challenge successfully; let’s do it again. We all have to do our part. No single member of a family can make a family strong; we are all needed to make our Annual Diocesan Appeal goal again.
As you are aware, reaching our appeal goal takes the burden off of our parish budget, and allows us to channel money into important ministries and care for our aging plant and equipment. Whatever dollars we do not pledge must be funneled from our budget, thereby causing stress upon our financial resources—causing a damaging ripple effect impacting our school and other areas of ministry and services.
“Let’s do it again”! is our rally cry for this year’s appeal. Let’s demonstrate to the diocese once again what we are all about here on the Southside at St. Anthony’s—faith and family. It will certainly make our ancestors here on the Southside proud of us—once again.
God Bless you.

Msgr. Frank Chiodo