St. Anthony Catholic Church


work: 515-244-4709, ext. 239

Father Jose Reynaldo Hernandez Minero, Hispanic Chaplain


Fr Jose Reynaldo Hernandez was ordained in 2009 in the diocese Zacatecoluca El Salvador.  He came to the US on March 24th, 2010 and served for 5 years at Our Lady of the Americas, and is now the Spanish Chaplin for Christ the King, St. Anthony and the Basilica of St John's.  He has 3 sisters and one brother and his younger sister is studying to be a nun and hopes to enter into the St Clair Convent in El Salvador.

Father can be reached at:
St. Anthony                515-244-4709 Ext 239
Christ the King           515-285-2888
Basilica of St John      515-244-3101