St. Anthony Catholic Church


 work: 515-244-4709


Rev. Mr. Thomas Starbuck, Deacon


I am Deacon Thomas Starbuck my background includes having worked for 30 years in financial services and 7 years in residential real estate here in Des Moines. I became interested in becoming a deacon after an initial meeting with a deacon after a Sunday Mass in the Fall of 1988, with my wife Marjorie’s encouragement we entered formation in the Spring of 1989.  I was ordained in October of 1993 and served 7 years at St Theresa Parish, 6 years at St. Catherine of Siena Drake Newman Community and the past 8 years here at St. Anthony Parish.  I find joy in performing baptisms, presiding at non-Eucharistic weddings and find comfort in consoling the bereaved.
To me I have been given a special blessing while serving the faithful members of St. Anthony Parish.  I never cease in being amazed at the kindness and expressions of caring I am given on so many occasions.  God willing I hope to serve this good parish for many years to come.