St. Anthony Catholic Church

Dear Parishioners and Friends of St. Anthony Parish,

There is nothing like a crisis to help put things in perspective. The coronavirus pandemic has reminded us of the great value of our Catholic community and of gathering together to worship Our Lord in the celebration of the Eucharist.

During this time of social distancing, we have had to come up with creative, innovative ways to come together to serve the Lord by serving one another, even while apart. I am very proud and heartened by the way our community rose to the challenge and came together during a time of adversity. But this time of crisis also identified some ways in which we could have responded more efficiently and effectively. It has outlined the great need for our parish to have a concrete plan, rooted in a clear, inspiring mission. Crisis or no crisis, the work of the Church carries on, and we must be well equipped to rise to the occasion.

Over the past few months, I’ve gathered with other parish leaders to discern goals and milestones, as well as specific activities, for our parish to engage in over the course of the next three years to help our parish grow and transform. Our focus is on the pillars of Prayer, Hospitality, Discipleship, and Evangelization.

This three-year plan will be the guiding document for decisions made at the parish, and it also will guide our pastoral and finance councils in their work. There is much to be done, and this plan will give us clear direction. Our path forward includes something for everyone at the parish — from
those who are new to those who have been part of our community for years.

Please read this plan carefully so that you know the next steps that our parish is taking and how you can be part of our future. This is an exciting time, and I am grateful for your commitment to our community and to Christ. As we chart this next course together, may God continue to abundantly bless you and your family.

Msgr. Frank E. Chiodo


Our Mission and Vision 

Our Mission: St. Anthony Catholic Parish strives to be an inclusive faith community dedicated to deepening our experiences with Jesus Christ, and seeking to build up the kingdom of God, while sharing one identity through the pillars of prayer, discipleship, hospitality, and evangelization. 

Our Vision: "To fulfill God's will in our parish by becoming more fully a catalyst for spiritual renewal, a beacon of direction for others to the treasure trove of God's graces, a spiritual home inviting young and old to live, love, and learn the Catholic faith in a culture which is centered on the Person of Jesus Christ."

The Values that Guide our Community


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Click HERE TO SEE A DETAILED FLYER on our Goals, Milestones, and Strategies to enable the above Parish Values to become reality over the next 3 year period.



January 2021         Parish Marketing                        Develop a survey targeted to those who do not attend Mass regularly or at all to identify what would draw them back in. Use results to development and implement a strategy to increase Mass attendance.
February 2021       Social/Fellowship                       Responsible for engagement of parishioners by creating social oriented events. Some events, both large and small, will include opportunities for the entire parish to come together and other events will celebrate the unique traditions and customs of our parishioners.
February 2021       Youth/Young Adult                    Research and select a curriculum for parishioners enrolled in grades 9-12 and develop a faith based/social oriented program for those 18-35. Will assist in the selection of the ministry leaders and the oversight of the programs.
February 2021       Welcoming/New Parishioner  Responsible to create an orientation process for newly registered parishioners and integrate them into parish life.
March 2021            Adult Faith Formation              Develop a full year adult faith formation curriculum that serves the spiritual and non-spiritual needs of our parishioners. Will assist in the selection of the ministry leader and the oversight of the program.
April 2021               Community Evangelization      Identify opportunities in the Des Moines metro community where parishioners can practice the faith by serving those in most need and serve as witnesses to our faith.
April 2021               Hospitality                                   Develop a training program and an SOP manual for those responsible for our parishioners and guests weekend Mass experience. Will provide oversight for Welcome Minister assist in the selection of the ministry leader and the oversight of the program.
June 2021               International Evangelization     Responsible for selecting an international parish and/or community to establish a long-term relationship with, where parishioners can practice the faith by serving those in most need and serve as witnesses to our faith.