St. Anthony Catholic Church

Saint Anthony Religious Education

Religious Education, First Communion, Confirmation 1& 2, Youth Group, Children's Sunday Liturgy


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Chris Corrice                                                              

Mr. Chris Corrice is our Primary School Religious Education Director.  Chris also oversees the Confirmation Class, Youth Group, First Communion, and Sunday Liturgy of the Word for Children.  Chris is excited to expand his ministry with the parents and children of St Anthony's. He has been serving the parish in youth ministry for the past several years. He also is a member of the pastoral council and MCs at the Spanish mass. He is a graduate of Mundelein Seminary's program of Hispanic leadership in lay ministry. He has studied youth ministry and parish integration at the University of Notre Dame and holds a BA in business administration/management from William Penn University. He is married with two children. His interests include technology and science fiction.