St. Anthony Catholic Church

Coronavirus Updates
The decision has been made to cancel the remaining RE classes for the year. At this time we are assessing what will happen for first communion.
Parents of  students who still need the first communion retreat or first reconciliation should please contact me so we can work on that together.
We all need to keep up our spiritual strength as individuals and families. I will be working with my teams on ways to help us stay connected
and spiritually strong during this time. Your fellow servant, Chris“  

Hello students,
I wanted to let you know that this month’s classes will not be held in person. Please use the decision point app and work thru the videos and
materials for session seven on the Eucharist. I would like you to reach out to me after you have covered the material. All other outside activities and retreats
are cancelled at this point. I am  considering how we will continue our journey in the months ahead. I am always here for you. Please feel free to reach out
to me if you want to talk or have something on your mind. 
Remember that God wants an intimate relationship with each one of you. You and I need to keep up our spiritual strength during this time. Daily prayer,
bible reading, watching mass and adoration online, these things will help us stay healthy spiritually, which we need now more than ever. Look through your book
during this month apart from the time you spend on chapter seven. Let the Holy Spirit guide you to things He wants you to think about. Remember our goal is
to get ourselves and our families and everyone around us to heaven! 

Buenos días.  Se tomó la decisión de cancelar las clases RE restantes para el año.  En este momento estamos evaluando lo que sucederá para
la primera comunión.  Los padres de estudiantes que aún necesitan el primer retiro de comunión o la primera reconciliación deben comunicarse
conmigo para que podamos trabajar juntos en eso.  Todos necesitamos mantener nuestra fuerza espiritual como individuos y familias.  Trabajaré
con mis equipos para ayudarnos a mantenernos conectados y espiritualmente fuertes durante este tiempo.  Tu compañero sirviente, Chris

Chris Corrice

Please welcome Mr. Chris Corrice as our new Primary School Religious Education Director.  Chris will also oversee the Confirmation Class, Youth Group, and Sunday Liturgy of the Word for Children.  Chris is excited to expand his ministry with the parents and children of St Anthony's. He has been serving the parish in youth ministry for the past two years. He also is a member of the pastoral council and MCs at the Spanish mass. He is a graduate of Mundelein Seminary's program of Hispanic leadership in lay ministry. He has studied youth ministry and parish integration at the University of Notre Dame and holds a BA in business administration/management from William Penn University. He is married with two children. His interests include technology and science fiction.




Finding God Curriculum

We offer a comprehensive parish Religious Education (RE) program, with classes from K-8th grade.  For grades 1-8, we use Finding God, a curriculum developed by Loyola Press, a Jesuit Ministry.  


Ofrecemos un programa integral de educación religiosa parroquial, con clases de K-8 ° grado. Para los grados 1-8, utilizamos Finding God, un plan de estudios desarrollado por Loyola Press, un ministerio jesuita.

Finding God presents the authentic teachings of the Catholic Church through active-learning techniques that allow children to participate, learn, and grow in faith and discipleship. Rooted in Ignatian spirituality, the Finding God program engages the whole child—mind, heart, body, and soul—uniquely guiding children to practice prayer and reflection, to explore scripture, and to find God in all things.


Encontrando a Dios: Nuestra respuesta a los dones de Dios es un programa basado en un currículo en espiral que integra los temas fundamentales del Catecismo de la Iglesia Católica con la oración, las Sagradas Escrituras y la enseñanza social católica. A medida que los niños se adentran en el programa y aprenden la auténtica enseñanza de la Iglesia Católica sus conocimientos y experiencias se hacen más profundos, lo que les ayuda a vivir su fe y a edificar una vida de discipulado.


Our bilingual K-8 program meets on Sunday mornings from 9:15-10:45, which is convenient for family attendance at the 8:00 or the 11:00 Mass in English, or 1PM Spanish Mass. All RE students should meet in the school cafeteria where they will be directed to the appropriate classroom.  

Nuestro programa bilingüe K-8 se reúne los domingos por la mañana desde las 9:15-10:45, lo cual es conveniente para la asistencia de la familia a las 8:00 o la misa de 11:00 en inglés, o .la misa de español de 1PM.  Todos los estudiantes de RE deben reunirse en la cafetería de la escuela donde serán dirigidos al aula apropiada.