St. Anthony Catholic Church

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Please prayerfully consider giving to the St. Anthony Parish Foundation. These special gifts have lasting dividends and provide a stable foundation for the future of our parish.

Gifts may be given "In Memory" of or given "In Honor" of an individual or group of people you wish to honor.

Foundation Informative Brochure 

"850 Club" Informative Flyer 
Parish Foundation Statement of Financial Position as of 12/31/21
 February 2022 Letter from the Foundation Chair

To make a gift to the Foundation, click here, and there are two ways to give:

1. Sign in if you are already have an account set up for automatic giving to St. Anthony's, click on "Give a New Gift, and choose "Foundation" or "850 Club", then follow the instructions from there to complete your gift. 

2. If you don't have an account set up, select "Quick Give" in the lower right hand corner, enter the necessary information, and finally select "Foundation" in the drop down menu under "Gift Information", then follow the instructions from there to complete your gift.

Saint Anthony Parish Foundation

The Foundation was established to create a permanent fund to house gifts and invest in the future of our parish.  An endowment is a tool used to grow the principal or main funds, and utilize only the investment invome each year, thus having the fund remain in perpetuity.  All gifts given to the Foundation remain in the endowed fund, with only the interest spent for parish purposes.

The Foundation encourages all parishioners and friends to remember St. Anthony Parish in their wills and bequests. Gifts to the Foundation come in many forms (cash, insurance policies, stocks, real estate, etc.).  Often gifts are made in memory or in honor of individuals or groups of people.  Gifts can be made as part of the general endowment or with a specific restriction such as the “Elizabeth Vencil Chandler Scholarship Fund” which was established to provide tuition assistance for students from St. Anthony’s attending Dowling Catholic High School.

Parishioners are encouraged to join the St. Anthony Legacy Society, which has two categories of membership; annual or lifetime membership.  As a member of the Society, you are acknowledged on a plaque permanently placed at the back of the Church and recognized at an annual Mass. Register today by sending the completed registration form to the Business Office. 

Please remember St. Anthony Parish Foundation when making memorial gifts and in your annual giving. Click here to make a donation today.

The Board of Directors
The Foundation is governed by a Board of Directors comprised of the pastor and six members appointed by him and the other board members to serve three-year, staggered terms. Solicitation of funds and expenditures must be approved by this board and may be allowed for two purposes: operational costs of the school not covered by tuition and needs of the parish physical plant.

Your Permanent Gift of Help and Support … Keeps on Giving!
Your gift to St. Anthony Parish Foundation is a permanent gift to the parish. This money or gift is a sign of your interest and love for what the parish means to you and your family. It is and will be your investment in the future of St. Anthony Catholic Church.
The St. Anthony Parish Foundation provides a special resource of money to help our parish meet special needs. Using only the investment income from bequests, gifts and donations, the foundation serves as a source of revenue for special needs and emergencies of our church and school.

Your Gift Keeps On Giving
The St. Anthony Parish Foundation is important to all parishioners. It is your way of saying thanks to God for what this parish means to you, your children and your entire family. It is a way of giving that continues to give. It is your way of helping St. Anthony Parish be a beautiful community of God’s presence, love and teaching.
All monies and property are held in separate parish foundation accounts from which only the investment income is used. This allows the principal to remain a permanent source of revenue and a constant reminder of our parishioners’ care and concern. The investment income earned is used for extraordinary items and supplemental school support.
Approved by the Bishop and Diocesan officials, the St. Anthony Parish Foundation funds are used exclusively for our parish. No monies of the foundation are used outside the needs and expenses of our parish.

Your Gifts are Important
The day-to-day expenses of St. Anthony Catholic Church come from the weekly tithes and offerings of parishioners. The foundation is a secondary source of income for special needs and emergencies exceeding the parish budget.
Some parishioners are concerned they have not contributed as much to the church as they would like due to expenses of raising a family. Gifts to the foundation now or upon death, by will, insurance or otherwise, offer an opportunity to satisfy that concern.
The foundation incorporates many kinds of gifts including cash, securities, real estate, life insurance, memorials in honor of a deceased loved one, a will, a bequest, trust or an annuity. These gifts are invested and the foundation grows because only the annual investment income is used.

Your Permanent Gift of Help and Support
Your gift to the foundation is a permanent gift of help and support for our parish needs. Giving to the foundation is very important now and becomes more critical for the future financial health and well being of St. Anthony Parish.

No Gift is Too Small
No gift is too small or unimportant.  Gifts of all sizes come together to create a lasting legacy for each of us.  If you cannot give now, maybe you can remember St. Anthony Parish in your will or as a beneficiary designation on a life insurance policy.  Foundation giving becomes more and more important to the future financial health and well being of the parish. There is a special need to support the spiritual and corporal works of mercy. Your gift multiplies over and over again for the good of the parish.

Contact:  Stephanie Sarcone 515-287-7161