St. Anthony Catholic Church

Dads and boys interested in Troops of St George:

I would like to remind everyone while we offer opportunities each month, attendance is not mandatory and the needs of family/other obligations can take precedence. If you miss an event, please do come to the next one you can! Here is the game-plan for November & December. Get specifics for the following at meetings and in future emails.

Contact me to be in the loop. (See email below)

◇     Saturday, November 21, 11am: Day Trip -

  • Good Weather: High Trestle Trail /

  • Ice or Snow on the Ground: Raccoon River Trail /

  • Active Precipitation: Cancelled.

◇     Wednesday, December 9, 7pm: Meeting @ St. Anthony

◇     Friday, December 11, 6pm: Extreme Winter
"Campout"  @ St. Anthony Cafeteria - Board Games,
Snacks, and Fun!  Plan to go.

Yours in Christ,

-Captain Chamberlin
(515) 218-1391