St. Anthony Catholic Church

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To Request a Mass/Masses to be said, please use the following form and follow the directions on the form:

Mass Request Form

Mass Intentions/Intenciones

Saturday/Sabado, Enero 28
8:30am—+Dave Wilkinson
4:00pm—+Giuseppe Leo
Sunday/Domingo, January 29
7:00am—+St Anthony Parishioners
8:30am—+Maria De Jesus Torres
10:00am—+St George
11:30am—+Peter and Ascension Vito
1:00pm—+Juan Salas & Jorge Castro


Monday/Lunes, January 30
7:00am—Nicholas & Shayon Gaglione and Son
Tuesday/Martes, Enero 31
7:00am—+Murcay Thole
6:00pm—+Luisa Contreras
Wednesday/Miércoles, February 1
7:00am—+Joann Wadle
8:30am—+Rochelle Hoops
Thursday/ Jueves, Febrero 2
7:00am—+Deceased members of the Belden &
Hastie Fam
6:00pm—+Antonio Lopez
Friday/Viernes, February 3
7:00am—+Mary Mckenna
Saturday/Sabado, Febrero 4
8:30am—+Evelyn Whitcher
4:00pm—+Drees Family
Sunday/Domingo, February 5
7:00am—+Jan (Costello) Clemenson
8:30am—+Angel Estrada
10:00am—+Sharon Lawless
11:30am—+St Anthony Parishioners
1:00pm—+Anna Lopez



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