St. Anthony Catholic Church

Mass Intentions


Mass Intention Request Form

To Request a Mass/Masses to be said, please use the following form and follow the directions on the form:

Mass Request Form

Mass Intentions/Intenciones

Monday/Lunes, October 3
7:00am—Lucy Concenza
Tuesday/Martes, Octubre 4
7:00am—+Mary Fuller
6:00pm—+Pedro G. Enamorado
Wednesday/ Miércoles, October 5
7:00am—+Sharon Bent Brown
8:30am—+Lucia Garcia
Thursday/ Jueves, Octubre 6
7:00am—+Rochelle Hoopes
6:00pm—+Casimiro Enamorado
Friday/Viernes, October 7
7:00am—+Frank DeFrancisco
Saturday/Sabado, Octubre 8
8:30am—+Charles Palmgren
4:00pm—+David Wilkinson
Sunday/Domingo, October 9
7:00am—+Paul & Melinda Tursi
8:30am—+St Anthony Parishioners
10:00am—+John & Mary Helen Breheny
*11:30am—+Mary Belden
*1:00pm—+Graciela Soto Espino

+ Deceased * Incense +Difuntos * Incienso