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7:00 am English

8:30am School Mass

Tuesday & Thursday/Martes & Jueves
6:00pm Español

8:30am & 4:00pm—Vigil

7:00am English
8:30am Español
10:00am English
11:30am English
1:00pm Español

The 11:30AM English, and 1PM Spanish Mass can be viewed online

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Rosary Prayed Online every day at 5:30PM, 3PM on Sunday 

 Eucharistic Adoration: In the Adoration Chapel beginning at 9:15AM with Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament at 8PM every Monday through Friday.  Please pray for God’s mercy and healing. Pray for protection and for those that are ill.  Contact an Adoration leader for a time: Jo Corigliano 515-419-1800, Juan A Garcia 515-419-0453, Elizabeth Zamora 515-229-7723 or Vivian Loza 515-770- 7047.

Rosary: Daily 5:30PM English, Faithfully everyday someone is at St. Anthony to pray the Rosary at 5:30pm and everyone is invited to join online for this powerful and needed prayer. Pray with us. Together we can impact the world.

Reconciliation: Confessions are scheduled for Tuesday and Thursday 5-6PM, Saturday 9AM, or by appointment.  

Funerals: Please contact a funeral home and they will notify the parish office.  Social distancing protocols must be maintained.

Parish Office Hours: Monday - Thursday 8AM to 4PM, Friday 8AM to Noon.  Parish Phone 515-244-4709

Baptism: Baptism is conferred by appointment on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month. At least one parent
must be registered and a practicing member of the parish. Parents are requested to call the office (244-4709) to
register for the pre-baptism class and date for baptism.
Marriage: At least one of the parties must be registered and a practicing member of the parish. Please contact
the office at least 8 months prior to the proposed date of the wedding.
Funeral: Please contact a funeral home and they will notify the parish office.



INGITE Campaign

St. Anthony will soon participate in the IGNITE Campaign. The focus of the campaign will be to improve access to Catholic education, increase funds for seminarian education and priest retirement, and to invest in all our parishes. This milestone fundraising effort is the result of many months of prayer and preparation. All 80 churches in our Diocese will take part. It is designed to benefit all Catholics in Southwest Iowa. Our parish is participating this spring, and preparations are beginning this winter. We need many volunteers to assist our parish for this campaign to be successful. If you are interested in volunteering and helping, please contact Mark Paris in the parish office for additional details.

Please Pray For:

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Welcome to St. Anthony Parish

Week of October 2, 2022
If you are new to our faith community and are interested in becoming a member of St. Anthony Catholic Church, please stop by the parish office or call 515-244-4709 or go
online to to fill out a “New Member” form.

Si eres nuevo en nuestra comunidad de fe y estas interesado en convertirte en miembro de la Igesia Católica de San Antonio, pase por la oficina parroquial o llame al
515-244-4709 para obtener un paquete para nuevos miembros, o ingrese en linea a para completer un nuevo formulario de miembro.

Fr. Chris Reising, Pastor
Fr. Rodrigo Mayorga, Parochial Vicar 
Can you imagine the delight that Jesus experienced when the disciples asked him to
increase their faith? But then look at the answer that he gives, “If you have faith the size
of a mustard seed, you would say to this mulberry tree, 'Be uprooted and planted in the
sea,' and it would obey you.” It is a strange answer. What he is telling us is you do not
need great faith for great things to happen. We need to use the faith we have. At baptism,
we received not only the seed of faith, but also a sharing in the divine life. The faith we
received grow the more we live it and exercise it. Faith is our lived relationship with
God, manifest in our living the sacraments, our prayer, our reading scripture, and our

Think about in our language how we say someone is faithful. In marriage husband and wife promise fidelity to each other, that they are going to live their entire life based on the marriage they entered before God and man. The marines say semper fi, which is the short form of semper fidelis, the Latin for always faithful. They promise to be faithful to each other, the country, and to winning their battles. All they do is based on this.

As Christians we are called to be faithful to Jesus Christ and to base our whole life on fidelity to Jesus. If we do that, we will see amazing things. But faith weakens if we do not use it, and if we do not use it, it will not help us. Think about a man on a sinking boat, and if he knows that life vest will keep you from drowning, knows people were saved by using life vests, understands how the vests works, and understands the physics around a life vest, the vest is useless to him if it is not used. Faith is the same way if we do not practice it, it will not benefit us. Faith is practice, not just knowledge. It is living in relationship with Jesus in the good times and the bad times. It is going to mass when we feel motivated to go, and when we may be thinking we would rather stay home. What we do manifests what we believe.

Through our fidelity, we will see great things. This month we celebrate the Rosary, a great prayer to meditate on the life of Christ through the eyes of his mother. In 1551 there was the battle of Lepanto, in which the Muslims were advancing and the Pope, Pius V, had was able to unite the three largest navies to defend Europe. More importantly on that day, October 7th, the pope had instructed all Catholics to pray the rosary for victory. The Christian forces had never won against the Muslims at sea. The beginning of the battle looked like things were not going to go well as the lead ship appeared to be adrift and not in the battle. But the winds changed, and that ship flanked the invading forces and other ships came along as well. There were faithful on the shores praying the rosary along with Catholics throughout Europe. This day, the Christian forces were victorious. The lead ship had the first copy of Our Lady of Guadalupe to reach Europe on board. In the evening the pope had a vision that the battle was won, and he shared the good news with the people.

At Fatima, Mary said, “Pray the rosary every day to achieve peace in the world and the end of war.” Faith is this simple do you want peace in your heart, in your home, in the world? Are your praying the rosary every day? If not, why not. Those who believe pray, and those who pray see wonderful things happen.

The battle of Lepanto is only one time where things seemed impossible, but God triumphed. How many family members are there that no longer practice the faith, or are suffering addictions, or other things? Do we believe that God can intervene on their behalf through our prayers. I have heard many people say how when they started praying or praying the rosary their life was changed, their family was changed etc. If we exercise faith, we will see something greater than a tree moved to the sea, we will see the changing of our heart, and so many more things.

God Bless,
Fr. Chris Reising

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Upcoming Parish Events 

40 Days For Life Prayer Vigil Tuesday October4th - 5 pm to 6pm in front of planned parenthood Army Post  Road Des Moines . (Please park at Hobby Lobby  next-door and walk over). click here to view details on parish calender

SAY 4:12 - SA Youth Group - October 5th, 6PM - St. Anthony Church Music Room - enter at circle drive door. 1st and 3rd Wednesday of every month! click here for more details

Bingo Night - Friday, October 7, 7pm—9pm Lower Church, $10 per person. Join us for a family fun night of Bingo every first Friday of the month! November 4, December 2. Concessions available for purchase. Prizes available. All proceeds go to St. Anthony School. Questions contact: Harry 515.777.6582

St. Anthony School Garage Sale! - OCTOBER 8th & 9th, 8am-4pm SCHOOL BUS GARAGE

K of C Pancake Breakfast - Sunday, October 9th - 8AM - 12:30PM - St. Anthony Parish Hall

"Save the Change...Save a Life"InnerVisions Annual Baby Bottle Campaign - Take a bottle home October 15th and 16th and return it October 22nd and 23rd to place in designated tubs click here to view details on parish calender

Respect Life Ministry's National March for Life Essay Contest - Entries due October 26th!  - click here for more details 

St. Anthony Parish Retreat - Reencounter from Emmaus to Jerusalem Sat. October 22 & Sunday October 23 - click here for more details 

Saturday, November 12 You are Invited to Join the St. Anthony Knights of Columbus for a Patriotic and Faith filled evening and a great dinner!  Click here for more details

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