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Monday - Saturday 8:30am English
Tuesday - Friday 7:00pm Spanish
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Sat. Vigil Mass: 4:00pm
Sunday Mass Times:
8:00am English Church
8:00am Spanish Parish Hall 
1:00pm Spanish
5:00pm Latin (EF)

The 11AM, and 1PM Spanish Mass can be viewed online

Rosary Prayed Online every day at 5:30PM, 3PM on Sunday

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Eucharistic Adoration: In the Adoration Chapel beginning at 9:15AM every Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday.  Please pray for God’s mercy and healing. Pray for protection and for those that are ill.

Rosary: Daily 5:30PM English, Faithfully everyday someone is at St. Anthony to pray the Rosary at 5:30pm and everyone is invited to join online for this powerful and needed prayer. Pray with us. Together we can impact the world.

Reconciliation: Confessions are scheduled for 9AM Saturday Mornings (English), or by appointment and Spanish - Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6:00pm to 6:55 and Sundays 12:30 to 12:55.  

Funerals: Please contact a funeral home and they will notify the parish office.  Social distancing protocols must be maintained.

Parish Office Hours: Monday - Thursday 8AM to 4PM, Friday 8AM to Noon.  Parish Phone 515-244-4709


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Welcome to St. Anthony Parish

Week of April 4, 2021
My Dear Family of St. Anthony Parish,

The memories of Easter celebrations are vivid as I recall the Solemn liturgies of my childhood when I served as an altar boy at this altar. It was here in our church where the call of the Lord was heard as I knelt at the altar. The Holy Week liturgies with Msgr. Peter Schmitz, ,Fr. Stessman and Fr. Gubbels in my youth drew me to the altar with a desire to be a priest. And little did I realize that I would be standing in Msgr. Schmitz’s shoes as pastor of this beloved parish. What an honor for me!

Here during these days of Easter we renew our love for the Lord, especially in and through the Sacred Liturgy. With the partitions being removed from our pews, we are now able to accommodate more of our parishioners for the celebration of our Easter feast personally present in the church. There is nothing as powerful and privileged
than to be here in person---face to face---heart to heart with the Lord in the Mass, surrounded by our parish family rejoicing together in the Risen Lord who wants to lift us up out of our worries, fears, anxieties, and discouragement. Here He touches us where we hurt—and heals us in the Sacrament of the Altar.

Last Easter we celebrated the Easter mysteries with an empty church. How wonderful to have us together again in God’s special house---St. Anthony’s church. May the joy of the Risen Savior fill our hearts, and our homes. Amen.

Happy Easter from Fr. Dolan, Fr Reynaldo, our Deacons, and the parish and school staff.

Monsignor Frank E. Chiodo

DIVINE MERCY SUNDAY - April 10 & 11        

24 Hours of Divine Mercy Chaplet!

Sign up online HERE to join with others to pray the Chaplet, so that it will be prayed for a continuous 24 hours beginning
April 10 across our Diocese.

Divine Mercy Des Moines website with full April 10th & 11th schedule - click here


Monsignor Chiodo will celebrate the Divine
Mercy Vigil Saturday, April 10.

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Pastor's Corner - Join the New Evangelism with Monsignor!

Monsignor's Chiodo wants to give you many ways to experience worship and deepen your faith at St. Anthony Parish:
  • First, we have a live feed from St. Anthony for anyone wishing to view.  With the Pandemic situation, we have Masses live on a daily basis including Sunday, as well as other services.
  • Next we have short faith filled videos called "Heart's Journey" that are being produced each week. Mini sermons - Why? Fewer and fewer people go to church, yet they are online. Monsignor wants to reach them.  
  • Next, we have short Blog posts from Monsignor on various topics of Worship, and also Blog posts on important topics/people/updates within our parish family.
  • Finally, we have Audio Podcasts available to deepen your faith.





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Our Mission Statement: To make life-long disciples, baptized in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, and teach them in all aspects of the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church.